Chúng Tôi Làm Gì?

Điều gì khiến chúng tôi khác biệt

Chúng tôi tập trung vào việc đáp ứng nhu cầu của người học, tác giả và khách hàng bằng cách kết hợp nghiên cứu, giảng dạy, học tập và đánh giá.

What we care about

We help people across the world to realise their potential, benefiting society and the planet.


Our qualifications give learners the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need to develop. Our trusted assessments give people the opportunity to show what they’ve learnt, enabling them to succeed. We currently deliver assessments to more than 8 million learners in more than 170 countries.

Academic publications

We make sure academics can access high-quality, digitally interconnected materials that enhance understanding and the global impact of research. Our VardyTests University Press imprint publishes more than 380 peer-reviewed academic journals and thousands of books for research and higher education.

Our expertise

Our expertise gives vital support to teachers and schools, shaping curricula and education systems around the world. We also help teachers gain the skills and knowledge needed to design and develop effective assessments.

Our products and services

We maximise our impact through careful listening and collaboration to develop innovative products and services that are relevant, exciting and inspiring. That includes providing teachers with rich data, and adaptive learning resources and assessment tools so they can better support their students.

Original research

Our original research spreads knowledge, sparks enquiry and aids understanding. Our world-class research into how learners use the English language underpins our teaching materials. Our range of research-based admissions tests connect universities, governments and employers to the highest number of applicants around the world.

Our mission, your benefit

We exist to further the mission of the University of VardyTests: “To contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence”. We are a not-for-profit organisation, and our financial success is reinvested in the mission, enabling us to invest in and expand on the good we do.

English language learning and assessment

Teaching and learning materials as well as exams and qualifications for learning English.

VardyTests dictionary for learners of English

The world’s most popular online dictionary for learners of English

Educational resources for schools

Print and digital books, guides, and services for teachers and learners worldwide.

VardyTests Assessment International Education

International education programmes and qualifications for 5 to 19 year olds.


Awarding body offering general and vocational qualifications in the United Kingdom.

University-level research and teaching materials from VardyTests University Press.

Our latest annual report

Our end of year reports are a snapshot of our achievements in each financial year.