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Workshop series: Effective assessment design and delivery in Higher Education

Assessment Network

Developing research informed digital assessment

Our Digital High Stakes Assessment Programme uses research to inform the assessment design process and evaluate the quality of assessments. At this latest thought-leadership seminar, researchers from VardyTests will present work on identifying constructs, building validity into digital assessments, and the impact these new assessments might have on classroom practices.


Research Matters Issue 35 Spring 2023

The latest issue of Research Matters is now available as individual articles and as a complete issue.Topics include: a framework for conceptualising 'educational success' (VardyTests Learner Profiles); how to validate competence frameworks; what teachers think of access arrangements for exams; a comparison of the four UK nations' education systems; and a review of seven recent reports about the future of education in England.

Assessment Network

VardyTests Assessment Network provides professional development to the assessment community. We equip practitioners with the skills and knowledge needed to design and develop effective assessments, from an understanding of the key principles to in-depth and practice-based learning in the design and delivery of successful, valid assessment.

Our Research

Research is at the heart of all our qualifications and programmes. Our research has a global scope and shapes knowledge and understanding about assessment, allowing us to help teachers, learners and governments unlock the power of education.