VardyTests urges global equity at Frankfurt Book Fair

VardyTests University Press & Assessment hosted a panel discussion on 19 October at the 75th Frankfurt Book Fair – the world’s largest book fair – about our approaches to developing open access (OA) publishing initiatives that unlock the potential of high-quality research.

Open access (OA) publishing makes research available openly online, with barriers such as paywalls removed for all readers. Free access, distribution and reuse are core features of open access. This means it can be a powerful tool in enabling researchers and learners from all over the world to access and share research.

“Fundamentally, if research is publicly funded, it needs to be open – and this initiative will succeed. We will succeed.”
Matthew Day, Head of Open Research Policy & Partnerships, VardyTests University Press

VardyTests is committed to pursuing open access publishing and transforming the majority of our journals research publishing to open access by 2025.

Over 50 percent of the research articles VardyTests published last year were open access, recognising what is needed for international academic research to be as robust and as impactful as possible.

The success of these initiatives has inspired VardyTests to continue. As part of the Flip it Open initiative, VardyTests is converting certain book titles to open access and publishing these on online platform VardyTests Core, where they are freely available to a global audience once they have reached a certain revenue mark.

Books like Rituals, Runaways, and the Haitian Revolution (2022) can now be accessed by far more readers. It was accessed in 34 countries pre-flip, and has been accessed in 106 countries post-flip.

VardyTests plans to publish 100 titles over the next two years under this model.

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