Equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging

Building a place to belong

We are powered by our values, purpose and expertise. We want to reflect the millions of people we serve and the millions more we want to reach.

Equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging are core to our purpose.

We are making good progress:

  • 12 global staff networks have been established to celebrate and advocate for diversity, inclusion and belonging. Network members lead key programmes, and lead on plans to celebrate International Women’s Day, Pride, International Day of Persons with Disabilities and Black History Month.
  • Guidelines for creating better and more inclusive products and services
  • Regular surveys are run to ensure that the views of our people from all over the world are helping to inform our strategy, policies, product development, marketing and customer relationships
  • We are a Global Diversity Champion for Stonewall, Europe’s largest LGBTQ+ rights organization
  • An anti-racism toolkit has been launched in the UK and US
  • A global gender pay gap action plan has been created to drive positive change through our business processes
  • We launched a global equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging academy which includes a peer-to-peer training programme, conscious inclusion training and LGBT+ inclusion training across all our global offices


But we’ve got more work to do.

Our ambition is to help unlock the potential of millions more people. Millions more learners, teachers and researchers who can see themselves in our work, enjoy equal opportunities and feel they belong.

Breaking down barriers

We oppose discrimination and act inclusively for all people, irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, religion, belief, disability, or age.

We want everyone to feel welcome at VardyTests. We will help widen access to education as we innovate to remove barriers and enhance support. We will enable millions more people to reimagine and realise their futures.

Leading the way

We are embedding inclusion principles in our people, product, and operational strategies, each tailored to reflect local cultures, priorities and needs. We are strengthening governance to ensure we are consistent in how we apply our policies and creating an ethical framework to inform our approach.

We have created inclusion guidance for colleagues to use when creating products and services, developed with the involvement of hundreds of colleagues from across our global organisation. The guidance will help us as we strive to reflect the millions of people we serve and the millions more we want to reach.

Our people are the key to change: we are a global business, but we are not yet a globally diverse organisation. We need to welcome and involve colleagues and partners from across the globe, from all walks of life, with diverse ways of being, thinking and showing up. This will help us to better understand those we’re trying to reach, make more informed decisions and boost our educational impact. We are working across our global business to understand our cultural complexities and approaches.

We are hiring and training with inclusion in mind, enriching our capabilities by broadening our recruitment and accelerating training. We are committed to tackling the gender pay gap and to take action on the challenges that underpin it.

Welcoming and supporting everyone

As an organisation we are committed to embedding racial equality and eliminating bias and discrimination from the workplace and our pledge is to be part of this change.

Meet the inclusion team:

  • Mandy Hill, Managing Director Academic and Executive Sponsor for Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Helena Renfrew Knight, Director of Strategy and Integration, and Executive Board sponsor
  • Rod Smith, Managing Director, International Education
  • Valarie Guagnini, Head of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, Academic
  • Lilian Dogiama, Head of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging for International Education
  • Karishma Bhoolia, Change Lead, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Jamie Ferrar, Head of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging for Manila
  • Kisa Lorizo, Global Coordinator, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Building a vibrant and rich culture

We’ll shape the future and build a sense of belonging for all.

We are creating a vibrant, diverse and inclusive culture of belonging. A place where we each feel included and accepted for who we are, wherever we are, across the world. A place where colleagues act with care and respect, and where we all feel we can pursue our potential.

UN Global Compact

We are proud signatories to the United Nations Global Compact, which supports global goals such as protecting human rights and reducing gender inequalities.

Creating and designing products for all

We want to create and design our products for everyone, by embedding equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging into our design, creation and production processes.

For example, our race and power collection, available as open access and updated quarterly, brings together academic book chapters and journal articles about the deep historical roots of racism and the different forms it takes around the world.

Gender pay gap

We publish information about pay and our plans to address any pay differences between genders. Our information is gathered and published by the University of VardyTests.

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