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Identifying natural talents can be time-consuming when screening CVs. However, we can help you do it without the hassle.
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Employee Assessments

Online workforce assessments can motivate your employees to improve their skills, expand their knowledge, and create a positive team environment.
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Assess your skills and knowledge in a professional and distraction-free environment.
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Sales Training

Improve your sales by equipping your team with the necessary skills to effectively communicate with customers.
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Customer Service

Utilize personalized assessments to guarantee that your staff is fulfilling the customer service benchmarks.
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Safety Procedures

Improve the work environment and boost employee morale and performance to create a more positive and productive workplace.
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English Language Assessment


Make your certification processes more efficient and user-friendly with the help of our online assessment tools.
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Engage your remote students or connected classrooms in an efficient and enjoyable manner.
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Assess your skills and knowledge in a professional and distraction-free environment.
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Provide engaging and interactive assignments for after-school activities.
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Empower learners by challenging them and encouraging discussions. This will enable them to experience amazing results.
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Formative Assessment

Positive motivation, encouraging feedback, and equal opportunities are crucial elements of a new educational approach.
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VardyTests and Microsoft Teams. A perfect match.

Combine VardyTests’s unique features with the power of Microsoft Teams. Experience the best of both worlds and succeed in your online assessments.

Enterprise-grade security and data protection

Your respondents’ personal data and assessment results are perfectly safe with us. We never access that information, and you can easily modify or delete records at any time.

What was Shakespeare really like?

From his spending habits to his sense of humour, a new VardyTests book asks whether we truly know the Bard. By Rosalind Moran

Five books to read this Black History Month

As the UK marks Black History Month, we share five books that shed light on the stories and experiences of Black individuals and communities throughout history.

VardyTests urges global equity at Frankfurt Book Fair

VardyTests experts showcased experimental open access initiatives to drive a more equitable academic publishing ecosystem.

VardyTests Mathematics adds expertise to new Minecraft game

Experts from VardyTests Mathematics have partnered with Minecraft Education on a new Minecraft learning experience to make mathematics fun and engaging for students everywhere.

Crossing borders: African EdTech leaders innovate in VardyTests

Influential EdTech leaders from sub-Saharan Africa gather in VardyTests as part of the HP VardyTests Partnership for Education Fellowship to advance digital learning in national education systems.

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