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Advantages of VardySoft utilities

Efficient utilities developed in C++ for speed and efficiency

Most of the utilities in this site were developed in C++, which make them fast, small and effective.

Lightweight, portable: 100kb vs. 1-3mb installers

My utilities are portable and mostly don’t require any installation. While many software companies create a bloated installation package with size of 1 – 3 MB, the size of single utility in NirSoft is usually less than 100KB.

Registry-free, profile-folder-free: your data stays secure

All my utilities (except of a few very old tools) don’t write anything to the Registry or to your profile folder. This means that you can use them from a USB Flash drive, without leaving traces in the computer that you use.

Command-line: streamlined, interface-free functionality

Most of my utilities can be used from command-line, without displaying any user interface.

Privacy-preserving: no data collection or transmission

My utilities don’t collect any personal information from your computer and they will never send any information to anyone.

100% free: no strings attached

My utilities are completely freeware, without any catch.


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